Now at Go Smiles , if you need your wisdom teeth removed you’re in luck.

Go Smiles offers wisdom teeth removal for patients of all ages. When you have your wisdom teeth removed at Go Smiles you will be treated by an expert who understands the leading-edge technology that makes the procedure comfortable and easy for you.

Why have wisdom teeth removed?

The main reason to have wisdom teeth removed is the lack of room. Most adults have a full dentition that does not leave room for 4 extra teeth to erupt into a healthy position and in alignment with other teeth. When the wisdom teeth are not in a proper position it can cause damage to other healthy structures such as teeth or your jaw. The awkward position results in areas that you cannot reach with a toothbrush or floss. This allows for bacteria to grow and cause infection such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Having a chronic infection around the wisdom teeth puts you at higher risk for systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory disease and more. At Go Smiles, we have a highly experienced and talented oral surgeon who will evaluate your wisdom teeth and the need to have them removed.

Our experienced and knowledgeable oral surgeon will discuss the best option of sedation to make sire you are comfortable and pain free throughout the procedure.

Our Oral surgeons gentle touch and wealth of knowledge will be sure to get you results that allow for an easy recovery.