At Gosmiles, we place great value on preventative and routine care for our patients.

Routine care is the cornerstone of good dental health and a lifelong, natural smile. Preventative care is not just limited to dental cleanings though and we offer a full suite of services to accommodate every patient’s needs…

Routine Exam & Cleaning

Quality routine dental care in Gainesville, VA, and the surrounding area begins with dental cleanings at Gosmiles. Also known as prophylactic teeth cleaning, dental cleaning is what most people regard as routine care. The dental hygienist will remove plaque, tartar and calculus from your teeth using either an ultrasonic scaler or hand scalers (depending on severity of buildup, your tooth structure and other factors). Your teeth will them be “polished” with a coarse paste to smooth the root and gingival surfaces and make it harder for buildup to re-accumulate. This will also help burnish fluoride back into your enamel and reduce the risk of cavities.

Following a thorough dental cleaning, the dentist will perform an exam of both your hard tooth structures and oral soft tissues to look for decay, fractured teeth and any discolored or unusually appearing soft tissues. An oral exam is a good way to identify problem areas before they become serious. Diseases of the mouth, from gingivitis to cancer, can be detected and often prevented by recognizing early warning signs.

Deep Cleaning (Root Planing and Scaling)

Scaling and root planing is a procedure usually recommended when you have periodontal disease. At Gosmiles, we can diagnose this through x-rays and measurements of the naturally occurring pockets in the gum tissue around your teeth. Every tooth has 6 pockets that are measured. Measurements above 4mm indicate the presence of bacteria and inflammation associated with periodontal disease. A deep dental cleaning can eliminate the bacteria and allow your gums to heal, reducing the size of those pockets.

After this deep teeth cleaning is performed you will likely be asked to keep to a three or four-month cleaning schedule to minimize the risk of recurrence. While we can treat and maintain periodontal disease, there is no “cure” for the bacteria once it has developed in your mouth — some level of it will always remain present.

With root planing and scaling and a more vigilant dental cleaning schedule, Gosmiles can keep the bacteria in check, minimize bone loss and gum recession and give you a good long-term prognosis for a healthy smile. Regular professional dental care is an important part of oral health to prolong the life of your natural teeth and gums and prevent other health issues that begin in your mouth.

Sealants & Preventative Resin Restorations (PRR)

For our younger patients who come in for teeth cleaning in Haymarket, VA and the surrounding area, parents will often hear sealants being recommended at routine cleanings. Some parents can be confused at the recommendation for treatment even though there is no decay or cavity. Gosmiles wants to protect the future dental health of our young patients in Manassas, Bristow and all of Northern Virginia.

Sealants are a preventative measure to protect your child’s tooth enamel and dentin while they are growing and maturing. Most kids are not adept at brushing, which is the cause of the majority of childhood cavities. Food and bacteria becomes trapped in the tooth grooves and, when not brushed out thoroughly, create an environment for cavities to form.

By coating these tooth grooves with teeth sealants, we can remove the environment in which these cavities develop. Sealants and preventative resins restorations usually wear down and eventually off in time so by the time your child is a mature teen or young adult (when better home care takes over) there is no evidence of the material left.