First Pediatric Visit

What can you expect during your child’s first visit?

Baby Crawling

Have your child look forward to visiting the dentist! GoSmiles Dentistry helps children start and end their visit with a smile. While many children may feel nervous visiting the dentist, there are many ways to help avoid anxiety and fear. For some patients, our dentists can help explain each step of their treatment and answer any questions they may have.

We recommend avoiding certain negative words that may trigger a response in your child, such as hurt, needle, shot, drill or pull. Our office will convey this information without using these particular words.


We recommend that parents stay with their child during their first appointment. After their initial exam, children can complete the appointment without their parent. This allows our dental team to establish a good relationship with your child and help them feel comfortable. If you do prefer to accompany your child, please do not bring any other children (who are not being treated) into the treatment area. Plan your child’s first pediatric visit in Gainesville and Herndon, Virginia, by calling us today.