Surgical Orthodontics

If your smile needs extra care, our dentists and team can help.


Risks & Rewards: Surgical Orthodontics

Our dentists and team offer a variety of treatment options for your orthodontic surgery needs.

Who Needs Surgical Orthodontics?

At GoSmiles Dentistry, we offer orthognathic surgery for those patients who need surgical help for their dental needs that go beyond ordinary dental correction. It is also used for patients with aesthetic facial issues. Orthognathic surgery adjusts jaw position and length to fix jaw deformities after a patient’s jaw has finished growing — typically for girls by the time they reach 16 and age 18 for boys. Orthognathic surgery successfully corrects severe bite issues and asymmetries in the jaw that braces alone cannot fix.

How Can I Know if an Orthognathic Surgery Is Required for Me?

This treatment hinges on how severe your condition is and the degree of your jaw misalignment. A consultation with your orthodontist can accurately make an assessment to determine treatment.

How Does It Work?

Once a confirmation has been made that orthognathic surgery is needed, our team consults with top oral and maxillofacial surgeons to tailor your treatment plan. Initially, you will undergo orthodontic treatment to align your teeth so they will fit correctly once your surgery is done. Surgery is typically scheduled after the teeth achieve the correct alignment. Unlike the past, today’s orthognathic surgery does not require wiring the jaws shut. Instead, thanks to rigid fixation, your orthodontic appliances are kept in place throughout the process to stabilize the teeth and jaws after surgery.

Is Orthognathic Surgery Worth the Risks?

While surgery in general inherently comes with risks, orthognathic surgery has been successfully done for years throughout hospitals and practices. At GoSmiles Dentistry, we are happy to address any concerns you may have about your treatment. We can offer additional information and answer your questions to help you feel more comfortable and at ease with your upcoming surgery.

Rewards of Having Orthognathic Surgery

Once your surgery has been completed, you can enjoy a much-improved smile. Your jaws and teeth will be correctly positioned to give you the balanced facial appearance, dental health and bite function you deserve. You may find your life transformed as you find yourself breathing easier, speaking clearly, and enjoying eating comfortably and without pain! Contact us to ask about orthognathic surgery in Gainesville and Herndon, Virginia.