Surgical Orthodontics

If you need surgery to improve the alignment of your smile, you can count on our team.

girl smilingWhen surgery is needed to get your smile back on track, we invite you to trust our team of skilled professionals at GoSmiles Dentistry. There are several surgical and orthodontic services offered at our office, helping us ensure you get the right care for your dental needs. For example, we offer surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, for those with jaw deformities and facial aesthetic concerns.

Essentially, surgical orthodontics is a procedure used to adjust the position, length and function of the jaw. To give our patients lasting, optimal results, we provide jaw surgery only once jaw growth is completed. And we only consider jaw surgery if a patient has severe bite problems and asymmetries that cannot be corrected using braces and other traditional orthodontic tactics.

When meeting with our orthodontist, you can learn more about whether surgical orthodontics in Herndon, Virginia, is right for you. There are many factors we assess, especially the severity of your jaw’s misalignment. All surgical procedures have their risks, but jaw surgery is not a new procedure, and our specialists have many years of experience.

Reach out today at 703-689-3900 to schedule a visit with our team, and we will do all we can to give you a jaw that is more balanced, functional and healthy.