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GoSmiles Is a Certified Elite Invisalign® Provider.


The Invisalign® system is a great way to straighten your teeth and create a beautiful, bright smile. These clear aligners are nearly invisible, so patients do not have to feel self-conscious during treatment. Plan your free first consultation with GoSmiles Dentistry today to see how Invisalign treatments can help your smile!

What Is Invisalign®?
Each Invisalign aligner is created to blend in with your smile. During the treatment, patients receive a series of clear, comfortable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. With each appliance, our dentists will make sure that it fits your teeth at each stage of treatment. We will take precise images, X-rays and dental impressions to create an accurate 3D model of your smile, which will be used in the design of the trays. The aligners themselves will be make of smooth plastic, which makes them much more comfortable than the protruding brackets and wires that come with traditional braces. They are also safer because they do not have any parts that can scrape and puncture the soft tissue of the interior of your mouth.

Why Would I Want Invisalign®?
Many adults and teenagers become self-conscious about how their smile looks when wearing metal braces. However, Invisalign trays are less obtrusive. The aligners are clear and removable, so patients can eat, drink and clean their teeth like usual. Being able to clean your teeth as normal means you avoid the increased risk of tooth decay that can come with traditional braces. You can brush and floss like you normally do without a need for floss threaders or interproximal brushes. Also, because each treatment can be planned virtually, you can see exactly how your smile will turn out. This means that there is none of the trial-and-error that sometimes is requisite when receiving other types of orthodontic treatment.

How Does Invisalign® Work?
The Invisalign system works through a series of plastic aligners trays. These trays are custom fitted to each patient. As they are replaced, usually every two weeks, the teeth gradually shift to fit each new aligner. During treatment, our dentists will make sure the appliances fit correctly and are moving the teeth correctly. However, if you have any concerns about the Invisalign process or would like to meet for an Invisalign consultation in Gainesville or Herndon, Virginia, reach out to us at (703) 753-3346 or (703) 689-3900.