Dentofacial Orthopedics

We can help you address your child’s alignment issues early and effectively.

girl smilingDentofacial orthopedics in Herndon, Virginia, often involves two phases of treatment, which helps ensure the success and comfort of treatment. We understand that most people have not heard of and are confused by the term “dentofacial orthopedics.”

While orthodontics is primarily used to guide the movement and growth of a patient’s teeth, dentofacial orthopedics addresses facial development and bone growth that impacts the shape and alignment of your teeth and jaw. So, an orthodontist who specializes in dentofacial orthopedics can explain exactly how your current jawbone and facial structure impacts your teeth and oral health.

Our experienced team at GoSmiles Dentistry can diagnose any misalignments in your teeth, jaw and facial structure. We can then use this diagnosis to create a treatment plan that integrates both orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic treatments.

Generally, children are the best candidates for dentofacial orthopedics, as their bones and jaw are still growing and are more easily guided into the correct positions. Adults can benefit from this treatment, too, but it may involve surgery, as their bones have stopped growing and are set in place.

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