Oral Surgery

Our skilled dentists can improve your smile with oral surgery.


With serious injury and decay, oral surgery may be necessary.

There are some instances where our patients need oral surgery in Gainesville and Herndon, Virginia, to better their oral health and overall wellbeing. At our office, we use the latest techniques and technology to rebuild, replace and repair damaged teeth and gums. We do our best to create great results without the need for multiple, repeated surgeries.

If you have questions about the surgical services we provide at GoSmiles Dentistry, we encourage you to call (703) 753-3346 or (703) 689-3900 or ask our dentists during your next visit. Our team is dedicated to making your time with us comfortable and stress free, regardless of the services you are receiving.

GoSmiles Dentistry Trusted Oral Surgeons in Northern Virginia

Our dentists work together to provide oral surgery, placement of implant posts and implant restorations for our patients. Get a referral from your dentist and plan a consultation with our office. During your appointment, our office can help you schedule your surgery, such as a dental implant, tooth extraction, biopsy, sinus augmentation or tissue graft.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Often, we recommend that teens and adults have wisdom teeth removal. Usually the teeth are misaligned, impacted, and threaten the health and position of their surrounding teeth. Not only can they breakdown tissue and bone, they also can make it more difficult to keep your teeth and mouth clean. Using dental sedation, wisdom teeth can be removed in a simple, hour-long appointment. Usually, patients can recover in two to three days without missing school or work. Follow post-op instructions to ensure proper healing and recovery.

Full, Partial and Implant-Supported Dentures

When you have missing teeth, it is important to find a stable, long-lasting restoration. Our dental surgery team can help restore your smile using many different treatments. Because each patient is different, speak with a professional to decide which restoration option can best help you. Our oral surgeons can meet with you to determine whether full, partial or implant dentures are the right choice for you.

Dental Implants

To replace severely damaged or missing teeth, ask our dentists about options for dental implants. The first dental implant was first placed in the 1960s and has lasted until today. The implant surgical post is made of titanium, which bonds to the jawbone for a secure foundation. Implants are popular with patients looking for a long-term, low-maintenance restoration. When the implant restoration is being completed, there will need to be healing time between each procedure. Once the implant is placed, patients can brush and floss their teeth like normal. Along with regular cleanings and checkups, patients can keep their implants for a lifetime. Schedule an implant consultation today to consult with our dentists.

Bone Grafting

When a tooth is removed, our office may recommend a bone grafting procedure. This helps reduce bone loss, which can compromise the teeth, gum tissue or dental restorations. Come in for a consultation and our office will go over the factors and steps involved in a bone grafting procedure.