Oral Surgery

When your smile needs extra care, turn to our dentists and team.

two people looking at an xrayWe use oral surgery in Herndon, Virginia, to help improve the function, health and appearance of our patients’ smiles and surrounding structures. Oral surgery encompasses a variety of different surgical treatments, but no matter what your oral health needs may be, we provide only the most necessary and beneficial procedures. It may, however, be necessary to perform oral surgery to repair extensive oral health issues.

Oral surgery may include the following:

  • Extraction of a tooth (if a tooth has been decayed and damaged to the point where a restoration is not a viable treatment choice)
  • Removal of wisdom teeth (if your third molars have become impacted, begun crowding the adjacent teeth or are causing discomfort)
  • Jaw surgery (for those with TMJ issues or uneven jaw growth, or to provide someone with a better fit for their dentures)

While we can provide a range of oral surgeries at GoSmiles Dentistry, we also work closely with other dental professionals in case we are not able to provide you the best care for your dental needs. This is just one way in which we help ensure our patients get the high-quality care they deserve.

Please call today at 703-689-3900 if you have questions for our dentists or want to learn more about whether you could benefit from oral surgery.