How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist Near Me?

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Whether you’ve recently lost your dental insurance or are experiencing some financial difficulties, you may be wondering:

How do I find an affordable dentist near me?

Continue reading to learn several strategies that can help you reduce the cost of dental services and procedures, while maintaining optimal oral health and care.

How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist Near Me?

1. Join a Dental Discount Network

If you are wondering – How do I find an affordable dentist near me? – you may want to look into joining a dental discount network in your area. 

For an annual membership fee, which is usually around $80-$200, you get access to a network of participating dental providers and receive anywhere from 10-60 percent off services and treatments.

2. Consider Treatment at Local Dental Schools

Dental schools are another place where you may be able to receive services at a fraction of the cost.

Treatments are typically performed by dental students or residents, as part of their training, and overseen by an experienced member of the dental school faculty.

3. Inquire About Special Pricing at Your Dentist’s Office

Many dental practices offer monthly specials to existing patients as well as introductory pricing for new patients. 

As such, you can ask your current dentist about specials or the possibility of making monthly payments for a dental procedure.

Additionally, you can look for dental providers near you that have discounted hygiene appointments, exams, and services for new patients.

What’s more, you may be able to save money by purchasing a package of services, such as dental cleanings, to use at a later date.

Looking for an Affordable Dentist Near Me?

If you are searching for an affordable dentist near me, please call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled and talented dental providers.