Root Canal Treatments

Save your tooth and your smile with a root canal treatment.

Tooth Ache

Why a root canal is needed?

A root canal is recommended when the inner dental pulp is damaged either by decay or an accident. While many patients are nervous about coming in for a root canal, the procedure is designed to remove the source of dental pain. It also saves teeth from extraction. Our dental office will help you schedule your root canal appointments and feel comfortable throughout your visit. We work to help patients feel at ease and we believe in gentle dentistry.

During your visit, our office will examine the area for damaged tissue, remove dead pulp and seal the area. Treatment will also depend on the extent of treatment.

What is needed after a root canal?

After a root canal treatment, our dentists will finish your restoration with a porcelain crown. By putting a crown over the top of the tooth, your tooth can be protected from further damage. However, if you feel any discomfort, swelling or other symptoms in the weeks after your root canal, plan a follow-up meeting with our dentists.

If you have an abscessed or infected tooth, a root canal treatment in Gainesville or Herndon, Virginia, may be required. Our dentists and team understand that this can be an intimidating procedure, but our advanced technology and gentle, precise techniques make it as comfortable as possible. Call us today to learn more or schedule your visit to GoSmiles Dentistry.