Root Canal Treatment

You do not have to live with the pain of an infected tooth. Our dentists can preserve your smile.

girl smilingFor those with an abscessed or infected tooth, our dentists may need to perform a root canal treatment. This endodontic service is usually recommended when the tooth pulp, nerves and other internal tissues have become damaged or infected. More commonly referred to as a “root canal,” a root canal treatment is done to clean out the infected tissues deep inside your tooth, past the outer layer of enamel. After removing the infected and injured tissues from within the tooth, we will clean the tooth and fill it with a medicated material. In most cases, we will also place a dental crown over the tooth to add further protection and prevent infection from reoccurring. The crown will also help restore your tooth to its original structure, size and shape.

We understand that this treatment can be especially intimidating. But without the necessary care, an internal dental infection can cause the tooth to die and then require extraction. Our skilled team of specialists can usually complete a root canal treatment in Herndon, Virginia, within just one or two comfortable visits.

Please know that our team at GoSmiles Dentistry is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health as well as comfortable office visits. We will do everything we can to help make your time with us as pleasant as possible. If you want more information on what a root canal treatment entails, please get in touch with us today by calling 703-689-3900.