Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Get the smile you want and need through a full-mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you need multiple restorative dental services to repair your smile, our dentists will often classify this as a full-mouth reconstruction. During a full-mouth reconstruction in Gainesville or Herndon, Virginia, your dental health and smile appearance is renewed by our team of professionals, and your confidence can shine. Call GoSmiles Dentistry today to get started.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Restoration

To repair serious dental problems, a full restoration can help our patients enjoy a great smile. Benefits include:

  • A younger-looking smile that looks natural
  • Long-lasting, straight teeth
  • A strong bite that allows each patient to chew and eat naturally
  • Prevention of injuries to the teeth or gums
  • Relief from discomfort in the gums or teeth
  • Prevention of future damage to dental or gum tissue

Creating Beautiful Smiles

We believe in combining dental technology with great dental care to provide patients with a beautiful smile. With full-mouth restoration, our office can rebuild and restore damaged teeth and gums. Whether you are looking to improve the look of your smile or need to address dental health concerns, this treatment can help you.

How Does Full-Mouth Restoration Work?

This procedure helps patients suffering from injuries due to accidents, tooth decay, wear and tear, or other dental issues. Our office will meet with you first to help you decide which treatments can best address your needs. After your initial exam, our office will plan additional appointments. During the entire process, our patients can choose the pace at which their treatment progresses.

This process may include many different treatments, such as dental bridges, implants and Invisalign®. Cosmetic procedures like porcelain fillings, veneers, tooth whitening or laser dental therapy may also be included. Each full-mouth restoration is customized for the individual treatment.

Is Full-Mouth Restoration Like a Smile Makeover?

While a full restoration may include a smile makeover, it also goes beyond the appearance of your smile. Unlike smile makeovers, this restoration will also look at underlying health issues, such as periodontal disease or broken teeth.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Full-mouth reconstruction works well for patients who have damage from periodontal disease, an accident, or extreme wear and tear. It also can help with some patients who have congenital defects.

What Is the Advantage of Full Restoration Over Separate Treatments?

When you undergo a full-mouth restoration, it can save you time. Multiple treatments require multiple appointments, so patients end up spending more time in the office. By combining your treatment into one, full restoration, patients can lessen their treatment time and even the cost of their treatment.

How Long Will the Results Last?

While no restoration can last forever, full-mouth restoration can last for years. We provide patients with ways to maintain their smile after their initial restoration. If individual repairs need to be made, our dentists can easily replace and restore your smile.