Emergency Dentistry

When an emergency strikes, call our team.

Tooth Pain

GoSmiles Dentistry helps provide patients with emergency dentistry in Gainesville and Herndon, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

Our office can treat many different dental emergencies, such as toothaches and dental pain.

Come in for any of the following:

  • An existing patient dental emergency
  • A new patient dental emergency
  • Walk-in emergency appointments
  • Same-day emergency appointments
  • Next-day emergency appointments

You cannot plan for everything and even common dental emergencies require attention from our trained emergency dentists. This is why we offer emergency dentistry at our practice. That way, we can make sure our patients are taken of. If you have experienced a dental emergency, please contact us immediately. Our team will schedule you to get come in as soon as possible because in many emergency cases, time is important, and we do not want to leave you in a state of discomfort.

Tooth Abscess

This occurs when the root of the tooth becomes infected. A history of intermittent, on and off again pain can be a sign of an abscess. Other signs include swollen gums, swelling throughout the face or even a loose tooth. While pain medication may provide temporary relief, treatment is the way to provide permanent results.

Broken or Fractured Tooth

Sometimes accidents happen and a tooth can break or fracture. Large or repeated dental fillings can also result in this kind of damage. This is because each filling requires the dentist to remove parts of the tooth, compromising the entire structure.

Gum Abscess

When food debris catches in between the enamel and gum tissue, bacteria can grow, and the gums can start to become infected. This can result in bleeding and swelling in the gum tissue.

Have a Toothache? Need Emergency Treatment?

If you need emergency dentistry, call our Gainesville office at (703) 753-3346 or Herndon office at (703) 689-3900 for immediate treatment. In any cases where you have experienced trauma to your head or neck, we highly recommend that you visit the emergency room or your general physician before coming to us, even if you have undergone dental trauma as well.