Digital X-Rays

Better for the environment, better for you. Digital X-rays improve your care.

pointing at xrayDigital X-rays are one of the most commonly utilized technologies in the medical field when diagnosing health issues and planning the necessary treatments. In general, digital imaging makes every visit more efficient, timelier and more convenient. We often take digital X-rays during regular exams to check whether your oral health condition has remained the same. If it has not, the images from the X-ray allow us to detect dental issues at an earlier stage than the eye could see.

One advantage of digital X-rays is that they are safer for our patients and our GoSmiles Dentistry team. They use a significantly less amount of radiation than conventional film X-rays and do not require the use of chemicals to develop the images. They also take much higher quality photos than their predecessor, and these images can be viewed instantly instead of having to be developed. Because we can view the X-rays during the same appointment, your treatment is expedited, and you can be further educated on your oral health.

Our dentists and team use digital radiography to identify and diagnose several dental health issues, such as:

  • Decay in between teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Improper tooth root positioning
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Fractures in existing fillings
  • Tumors
  • Infection in the tooth nerves
  • Bone loss

If you would like more information about why we use digital X-rays in Herndon, Virginia, please reach out to us at 703-689-3900!