AcceleDent® Aura

Get the smile you want faster.

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Speed Up Your Treatment

A new, hands-free way to accelerate the orthodontic process, GoSmiles Dentistry offers AcceleDent® Aura at our practice. Patients can see their teeth move up to 50% faster. The device is safe and easy to use. Reach out to our office at 703-753-3346 to see if this treatment can help you!

It’s Safe and Gentle

The United States Food and Drug Administration has cleared this device for use, and it is only available with an orthodontist’s prescription. Using SoftPulse technology, AcceleDent gently vibrates the teeth to help them move into place, putting less force on the teeth than ordinary chewing. Meet with our dentists to learn more about AcceleDent Aura in Gainesville, Virginia. Our office will be happy to answer your questions and help you plan this orthodontic treatment for you or your family.

Benefits of AcceleDent Aura for Faster Orthodontic Results

  • The Aura device is easy for patients to use and very lightweight
  • AcceleDent works for orthodontic patients of all ages, both adults and teens
  • The treatment works well with most kinds of braces
  • Because the device is hands-free, patients can read or watch television while using AcceleDent
  • AcceleDent helps patients complete their treatment more quickly without compromising their orthodontic results