Dental Technology

You can have a smile that will turn heads and light up a room!

Dental Technology

Invisalign® Treatments
Clear aligners, like those offered by the Invisalign system, are leading the way in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Unlike traditional braces, these plastic trays are nearly invisible and can be removed to eat, brush and floss. Each is specifically designed to fit your teeth to provide you with a straighter smile.

Damon™ Smile
Damon treatments use self-ligating braces that adjust automatically without needing to be tightened by an orthodontist. This helps make a patient’s orthodontic treatment more comfortable, more discreet and faster.

In-Ovation is a new, more discreet way to straighten your smile without obvious-looking metal brackets and wires. With this treatment, you can enjoy a straighter smile faster and more comfortably.

SureSmile allows your orthodontist to accurately plan your orthodontic treatment. Using a 3D model of your smile, we can plan your smile based on the individual movements of each tooth. With more efficient treatment, we can get you great results in less time.

Clarity™ and Clear Braces
Clarity braces are translucent, stain-resistant and more difficult to notice than metal braces. When patients wear these appliances, they can smile confidently without worrying about a “metal mouth.”

Incognito braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, hidden from view. This way, only you will know you are wearing them! Come get your customized Incognito braces today!

Dentofacial Orthopedics
Dentofacial orthopedics goes beyond regular orthodontics. While orthodontics focuses on the teeth, dentofacial orthopedics helps with facial development and bone growth, as well as the overall shape and alignment of the jaws and teeth.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is when a person’s breathing patterns are interrupted throughout the night. While sleeping, a person may stop breathing for a few seconds before starting up again. When this happens, it can negatively affect a patient’s health. Often, our dentists can catch signs of this disorder and refer you to a sleep specialist. However, patients can return to GoSmiles Dentistry for sleep apnea treatment and appliances.

TMJ (TMD) Treatments
TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to the skull. When this area becomes irritated, it can cause a temporomandibular disorder (TMD). If you suffer from discomfort or tenderness when moving your jaw or around the jaw, face, neck and shoulder areas, seek TMD treatment from our dentists in Gainesville, Virginia.

Surgical Orthodontics
Orthognathic surgery is necessary when patients form severe jawbone abnormalities, malocclusion or “bad bites.” If traditional orthodontics is not enough to correct alignment issues, call us for a surgical consultation.