We ask that you realize that we don’t work for an insurance company. Rather we work 100% for our patients.

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We feel that insurance can be a great benefit for many patients and want you to know we will do everything in our power to ensure you get every benefit allotted in your insurance contract. However, the treatment we recommend and the fees we charge will always be based on your individual needs, not your insurance coverage

We realize that every person’s financial situation is different. For this reason, we have worked hard to provide a variety of payment options in order to help you receive the dental care needed to enjoy a healthy and confident smile with respect to your finances. Since we know it is not always possible to pay your dental bill in full, we would like to explain our financial options.

You may choose from the following options that would best suit your needs:

  • Equal payments – equal payments will be determined by the number of visits for each treatment. (First payment due at the start of treatment, second payment due at the second appointment, etc.)

  • For your convenience, we accept payment by all major credit cards, American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

  • Monthly payments – If you need to make long-term payments, please call our office to discuss our payment options, We will help you find the option best for you.

Our fees at Gosmiles reflect our commitment to the quality of care that our patients deserve. If you have insurance, we will be happy to assist you in processing your insurance claims to maximize your benefits. Insurance is designed to help offset the cost of your dental care. Insurance estimates provide a table of allowances that will assist you in determining your approximate out-of-pocket expenses.

Please note that insurance estimates and preauthorization are not a guarantee from your insurance company. The estimated co-payment and deductible would then be paid at the time treatment is placed.

We reserve the right to apply an administration fee of $127.00, a billing charge and/or a finance charge of 1.5% (18% APR) on all accounts 90 days overdue. All patients with an outstanding balance will receive a monthly statement.