Do Cavities Go Away?

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Dental Cavities

Most children and adults are aware that cavities are an unwanted consequence of poor oral hygiene and dental care.

But apart from this, many patients are less informed than they’d like to be about cavity formation, prevention, and repair.

In fact, we’re commonly asked a number of cavity-related questions, including: Do cavities go away? Can a filled tooth get a cavity? Can I have a cavity without feeling it?

For the answers to these questions and to learn all about cavities in Northern Virginia, read on.

Do Cavities Go Away?

Younger and older patients alike often want to know: Do cavities go away?

While cavities don’t magically go away on their own, you can potentially slow or stop decay that’s affecting surface enamel.

However, if bacteria and decay penetrate tooth enamel, there’s not much you can do on your own to reverse the damage.

Can You Have a Cavity, but No Pain?

Many people evaluate their dental health according to the presence or absence of pain.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for patients to believe that if their teeth don’t hurt, they don’t have a cavity or other type of dental issue.

Unfortunately, this is a false assumption. By the time that a cavity causes pain, it has affected and irritated the nerve and will likely require a root canal.

Do Fillings Last Forever?

Fillings are quite durable and can usually last a decade or more. However, they are not designed to last a lifetime and will require periodic maintenance.

Can a Filled Tooth Get a Cavity?

In addition to asking – Do cavities go away? – patients often want to know about the protective qualities of fillings. 

Although a filling can repair damage and prevent further decay, it cannot offer 100 percent protection against cavities. That’s because the filling could potentially breakdown over time, or a cavity could form around the filling.

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