Braces are an important option for good dental health, especially in adults.

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Many adults grew up without access to good dental care and are paying the price now with crooked teeth that don’t look or function well. Braces are more common now, and by partnering with a good orthodontist, your adult smile can be corrected and the longevity of your natural teeth increased.

How Long Is the Braces Treatment for Adults?

Even if you had braces as a child, you may benefit from a repeat of this treatment. As you age, your teeth move and your mouth changes shape. Misaligned teeth can deteriorate and affect your bite. Ultimately, your oral health reflects your physical health, so you want to do what you can to improve it.

Adult braces are more popular than ever. Aside from the aesthetics of a beautiful smile, aligning your bite can improve your health, reduce pain and protect your teeth. The length of time required for braces in adults depends on the amount of movement required to repair your bite.

Most adults who receive braces treatment end up wearing a retainer to maintain the new alignment. A permanent retainer might be installed behind your teeth where it won’t be visible. There are also different types of retainers than can be worn at night or discretely during the day.

Types of Braces for Adults

Adults have different options for type of braces. The traditional metal braces are available, but many people chose not to go with those. They’re the most visible and can interfere with adult life when it comes to weddings, job interviews or other occasions for which you need to look your best.

Ceramic braces are available for adults who want a more discrete option. They’re just like metal braces, but are made of a clear ceramic. The braces are still cemented to the front of your teeth and can be seen when you smile. However, they’re not as noticeable as the traditional metal brackets.

A third option available to some adults that doesn’t work for most children are invisible braces. Invisible braces are clear trays that snap over your teeth and are virtually unseen, even when you smile. Many adults only need to move their teeth a small amount, so the invisible braces may work for them.

Braces for Adults

With your awkward adolescence behind you, you may think braces are no longer an option. As an adult, you’re probably more serious about your dental health than you were as a child. Now you have the means to get the beautiful smile you always wanted, and it’s not too late. A few months of wearing braces could mean you get to keep your natural teeth well into old age.

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